Foundation Strengthening & Subsidence Repair for Social Housing Watford

Subsidence issues are a huge concern to homeowners and local councils in Watford. In recent years, claims for subsidence related damage in and around Watford has been increasing.

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Subsidence repair for social housing

Social Housing Subsidence Repair In Watford

Subsidence Issues To Social Housing

We provide Local Authorities and Housing Associations with a non-disruptive solution to house subsidence in Watford. Our teams of experienced engineers are proficient in the fast prevention and repair of subsidence damage.

Several factors for increases in subsidence include:

• Changes in climate
• Changes to ground soils due to natural and environmental factors
• Disruption from construction work causing changes to ground soils
• Water damage from burst pipes

Regardless of the cause, subsidence damage to social housing in Watford continues incur massive costs to the local authority. With increasing cases of subsidence damage occurring, it is important that Housing Associations in Watford act fast to reduce damage, protect tenants, and mitigate revenue losses due to subsidence.

Social Housing Subsidence Repair In Watford With Resin Injection Technology

We provide Local Authorities and Housing Associations with a non-disruptive solution to house subsidence. Our teams of experienced engineers are proficient in the fast prevention and repair of social housing subsidence damage in Watford. We work with a variety of industries and we understand the needs of our clients.

For customers in the Social Housing sector in Watford, we understand the importance of speed and convenience. The health and safety of tenants is of paramount importance, that is why we act quickly to assess the extent of the subsidence related issue, and waste no time in getting to work repairing the damage. We also recognise the tight budgets that Local Authorities and Housing Associations have to work with.

This is why we specialise in a non-disruptive method of ground repair for Watford social housing, that does not require any digging or excavation, therefore greatly reducing the costs incurred. Furthermore, when subsidence repair work is carried out by RIT, tenants do not need to vacate the property, this removes the high costs of providing temporary accommodation to tenants, whilst providing them with a far less disruptive experience.

The benefits of acting preemptively when subsidence occurs to social properties in Watford cannot be understated. If tenants report cracked walls, skirting boards or any other common signs of subsidence to their home, it is important that landlords and Local Authorities arrange an investigation into the cause. We use cutting edge, surveying technology that does not require any digging, and can be carried out in a short amount of time.

By acting quickly to assess the extent of the issue, RIT can establish the correct course of action. If it is the case that ground repairs need to take place, we ensure that all work is carried out to the highest standard by a team of experienced subsidence repair professionals.

Subsidence Repair Social Housing

Treatment for Subsidence in and around Watford

RIT specialises in the injection of expanding resin materials under the affected social housing property. As the resin material expands, the gaps in the soil are filled and water build up is forced out. This results in the stabilisation of the foundations of the property.

As the voids beneath the foundations are filled, the soil will push against the foundations of the property.

Using precise measurement technology, the team at RIT are able to correct the foundational issues depending on their severity, if ground lifting is not required, we are able to correctly and evenly measure the necessary injection points in the affected foundations. Alternatively, if ground lifting is needed, we will continue to inject until the floor is at the required level.

By using Resin Injection Technology for subsidence repair in Watford, Local Authorities and Housing Associations will benefit from a non-invasive, fast alternative to traditional groundwork. There is no excavation, and is by far the most convenient solution to subsidence related issues to social housing.

Consequences Of Subsidence To Social Housing In Watford

Subsidence can cause a variety of problems to a property in Watford. It is important that fast action is taken to avoid these problems escalating. Some of the consequences of subsidence include:

• Electrical faults
• Plumbing faults
• Doors and windows not opening and closing properly
• Structural changes to the property

If left unresolved, these issues can lead to significantly dangerous scenarios. It is therefore imperative that work is done quickly to avoid massive risks to health and safety, as well as the huge financial cost of repairing damage caused by subsidence.

We have worked closely with Councils and Housing Associations in Watford to provide professional, non-disruptive solutions to social housing subsidence for many years.

We prioritise safety and convenience, whilst acknowledging the financial implications of ground related issues. This is why We provide the most up to date surveying technology to identify the issue before any work takes place.

Once work begins, RIT are able to carry out repair work using modern non-disruptive solutions that would typically take much longer if other traditional methods of subsidence repair were used.

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