What is Subsidence?

Subsidence occurs when the foundations of a building can no longer fully support its weight. Subsidence of a property is a serious issues that should be corrected quickly to avoid potentially catastrophic damage to property.
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What is Subsidence?

Some of the most common signs of subsidence include:

• Dropped floors
• Cracked skirting boards
• Gaps in skirting boards
• Doors and windows are sticking or failing to open or close properly
• Cracks where extensions meet the main building indicating that the extension is pulling away from the main structure

Causes of subsidence

Subsidence can have serious consequences if it is not corrected. The most common cause of subsidence is soil shrinkage. Cohesive soils such as clay and silt are prone to shrink and swell. Other soils such as sand and gravel are non-cohesive meaning they do not shrink or swell.

Drainage issues are also a common cause of subsidence. Water from damaged drains can make its way into the foundations and affect the soil by making it softer. Water then washes away the non-cohesive soil beneath meaning the foundations weaken.

Tree roots are another cause of subsidence. Expanding roots from trees and plants can remove the moisture from supporting soils in a buildings foundations. Tree roots pose a particular problem when there is the presence of cohesive soils as it can remove and shrink the affected soil.


Treatment for Subsidence

Resin Injection Technology specialises in the injection of expanding resin materials under your property. As the resin material expands, the gaps in the soil are filled and water build up is forced out. This results in the stabilisation of the foundations of the property.

As the voids beneath the foundations are filled, the soil will push against the foundations of the property. Using precise measurement technology, the team at Resin Injection Technology are able to correct the foundational issues depending on their severity, if ground lifting is not required, we are able to correctly and evenly measure the necessary injection points in the affected foundations. Alternatively, if ground lifting is needed, we will continue to inject until the floor is at the required level.

By using Resin Injection Technology for subsidence repair, customers benefit from a non-invasive, fast alternative to traditional groundwork. There is no excavation, and is by far the most convenient solution to subsidence related issues.

Consequences of Subsidence

Subsidence can cause a variety of problems to a property. It is important that fast action is taken to avoid these problems escalating. Some of the consequences of subsidence include:

• Electrical faults
• Plumbing faults
• Doors and windows not opening and closing properly
• Structural changes to the property

If left unresolved, these issues can lead to significantly dangerous scenarios. It is therefore imperative that work is done quickly to avoid massive risks to health and safety, as well as the huge financial cost of repairing damage caused by subsidence.

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