Resin Injection Re-Levelling

The use of resin solutions provide a superior alternative for slab lifting and re-levelling. Often a job that can take weeks or even months can be reduced to a matter of days by the team at Resin Injection Technology.
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Slap leveling

Slab Lifting & Re-Levelling

The re-levelling of concrete slabs and perimeter walls is carried out without the need to remove anything from site, and all loaded racks are able to stay in their place. Materials are injected beneath the slab, compressing the existing sub-base, which in turn fills voids and lifts the existing slab back into place. By using Resin Injection Technology for slab-lifting and re-levelling solutions, customers can ensure a fast, convenient and non-disruptive alternative to other methods.

Manufacture and Storage

Sunken slabs can have dire consequences for businesses, often resulting in equipment failure and even posing a safety risk.

Some of the most common issues that arise from sunken slabs include:

• Machine vibration from loose slabs
• Misalignment of automated racking machinery
• Forklifts and other vehicles affected by loose and uneven slabs

The team at Resin Injection Technology is on hand to resolve these issues with a solution that is fast, safe and convenient, without the need to shut down work on site whilst the issue is fixed.

Resin Injection Re-Leveling


Sunken slabs on UK roads are a common problem. With road related issues, it is essential that work is done quickly and effectively. The team at Resin Injection Technology is able to provide this, as our solution does not require any excavation and our flexible working patterns means that the impact on road users is kept to a minimum.


For homeowners across the UK, sunken or sinking floors are a common issue. For many customers the prospect of having to repair this is daunting. However, Resin Injection Technology is able to resolve floor issues for homeowners in a far less costly way. Our resin injection method involves almost no disruption to homeowners, who are often able to stay at home whilst the work is being done.

Why Resin Injection Technology ?

Re-levelling solutions with Resin Injection Technology are fast, safe and cost efficient. Customers can rest knowing that work is being carried out by a team of experienced professionals.

The process of resin injection is fast and causes minimal disruption. Jobs that would once take weeks or even months are now reduced to a matter of days, without the need for excavation. The injection of resin into small drilled holes offers a superior alternative to other methods if re-levelling, including solutions such as piling and underpinning. Both of these solutions require heavy machinery and excavation. By using Resin Injection Technology , customers can benefit from not having to stop normal work on site or at home.

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Resin Injection Accreditation
Resin Injection Accreditation
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