Sinking Floors

Sinking floors can happen at any property and although there are several causes, it is usually the case that it is being caused by subsidence. Resin injection solutions by Resin Injection Technology can repair the cause of sinking floors and in most cases, lift the floor to its original place.
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Sinking floor repair

Solutions to Sinking Floors

In most cases, sinking floors are caused by the concrete slab set within a buildings structural walls. The team at Resin Injection Technology can fix this issue in one day; by using resin injection through drilled holes in the affected area, the expanding resin will lift concrete floors back into place. The combination of advanced surveying technology and precise drilling makes the process of resin injection a safe and far more efficient alternative to traditional underpinning methods.

The process of resin injection is non-invasive as it does not require any digging or excavation. Resin injection with Resin Injection Technology is a far superior alternative to traditional underpinning and it can be completed in as little as one day, without the need for homeowners to vacate the property.

Sinking Floor Subsidence

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