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Please find answers below to the most frequently asked questions regarding Resin Injection Technology and our use of innovative Resin Injection solutions for ground and settlement problems and the materials that we use.

If you don’t find the answers to your question below, please contact a member of the Resin Injection Technology team and we will be happy to help.

Is your system suitable for any property type?

Are your products suitable for All types of soil?

Do you offer a guarantee?

Are your products environmentally friendly?

Can we stay inside the property while work is carried out?

Do you offer fixed price contracts?

How long does your guarantee last for?

Can you refinance or mortgage a property after subsidence repairs?

After subsidence repairs, are there any issues with building insurance?

How long does your repair work take?

What are the properties of the resin materials used at Resin Injection Technology ?

• Applied density – 50kg/m3 – 500kg/m3

• Comprehensive strength- 0.5 MPa – 15MPa

• Shear strength- 0.5MPa – 15MPa

• Tensile strength – 0.5 MPa – 3MPa

• Flexural strength – 0.5 MPa – 15 MPa

• Expansion force – 10,000 kPa

• E-modulus – 10 MPa – 80 MPa

• Permeability coefficient – 10 – 8 m/s

Materials used by Resin Injection Technology are based on the specific mechanical property requirements of each individual project.

Which soil types are suitable for Resin Injection?

Resin Injection can be used on most soil types. Some of the most common soil types that we work on include:

• Granular Soils

• Cohesive Soils

• Organic Soils

• Made Ground

Will Resin Injection provide a long-term, stable solution to ground problems?

Yes, Resin Injection with Resin Injection Technology is designed to last in excess of 100 years. All materials are tested to provide stability for a minimum of 60 years. Rigorous testing includes temperature analysis, with Resin Injection providing stability between -20 to +100°C.

What is the Environmental Impact of Resin Injection?

Resin Injection Technology are environmentally conscious, and we strive to provide ground problem solutions that are safe and environmentally friendly. We prioritise health and safety of our customers and our staff. All Resin materials used by Resin Injection Technology have no negative impact on the environment. Studies conducted by Stantec Ltd, a leading company in soil and groundwater consultation provided a detailed report on the impact of resin materials for ground solutions. Their report found that resin compounds do not contaminate groundwater.

Furthermore, there was no discernible presence of hazardous substances or non-hazardous pollutants in resin solutions. This is due to the composition of the material, which, once mixed, forms closed bonded chains of molecules. The results of this rigorous testing, showed that there was no present or future potential for contamination of the receiving groundwater.

As a result, resin materials are safe to handle should excavation be needed in the future, and materials can be disposed of easily and safely as it is classified as normal building material waste.

Can Resin Injection be used when there is Groundwater present?

Yes, materials used by Resin Injection Technology are hydrophobic. This applies to both fresh water and salt water.

Does Groundwater have any impact on the materials used?

No, groundwater has no impact on the composition of materials used by Resin Injection Technology. Materials are closed cell structures, meaning that it possesses a very low permeability coefficient.

How Long does it take for materials to cure?

Materials cure within seconds. 90% of the materials mechanical properties are reached within 15 minutes, and after 24 hours, the material reaches its mechanical completion.

Are materials effective in providing Vibration Reduction?

Resin materials provide superior elasticity when compared to concrete, which may break down under shock loadings. The extent of vibration reduction will depend on several factors including the material, circumstances and density. For further clarification on vibration reduction, please speak to a member of the team and we will be happy to assist in providing further clarification.

Can Resin Injection be used in extremely cold temperatures?

Yes, materials used by Resin Injection Technology are suitable for all conditions.

Is it possible to Excavate Resin Materials?

Yes, Excavation of resin materials can be done with normal excavators and tools.

Can Resin Injection be used on structures that have been Piled?

Yes, this is possible. Resin Injection Technology engineers are able to prepare individual plans for each project, and this includes providing ground solutions on sites that have been piled.

How does the weight of the Resin materials compare to the weight of Soil?

This is dependent on the resin material used, however typically it is <15% of the soil.

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