Cracked Wall Repairs

One of the first signs of significant structural damage caused by subsidence is cracked walls. Although in some cases, the appearance of cracked walls might not be significant, it often the case that immediate attention is needed. It may be the case that the foundations of the property are sinking or are damaged. If this is the case, fast action is needed to prevent further damage.
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Cracked wall repairs

Cracked Walls

Large cracked walls are usually a sign that the foundations of the building have weakened. These cracks may begin to form around windows, doorways or corners of the building. Thinner, hairline cracks are usually a sign of less significant issues that may need so be patched and repainted.

Why are larger cracks appearing?

This is usually a sign of weakened foundations, this has then lead to the building sinking into the ground. This is known as subsidence and it may be caused by issues with the soil underneath the building becoming too wet or too dry.

Keep a close eye on cracks that appear, if they become larger then it is a sign that action needs to be taken to avoid significant damage.

Solutions for cracked walls

At Resin Injection Technology , we provide solutions for both domestic and commercial properties with cracked walls. Regardless of the size of the project, our team of experts are on hand to provide effective and long lasting support to customers.

Experts at Resin Injection Technology will carry out an initial inspection of the property to identify the cause of the cracked walls. Once a plan has been drawn up, work will begin immediately.

If the cracked walls are caused by problems with the foundations, it is usually the case that the property will need to be re-levelled. At Resin Injection Technology , we employ modern and effective approaches to re-levelling. This approach is superior to traditional concrete underpinning methods, and is far less invasive.

Once re-levelling work has been carried out, large cracks will close as the property is raised, leaving only hairline cracks that are then patched and painted.

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Cracked Wall Repair

Treatment for cracked walls

The treatment for cracked walls that is caused by subsidence involves the re-levelling and strengthening the ground under the building. As the foundations are re-levelled the cracked walls will close up and the remaining cracks can be easily repaired.

Usually this process, known as ‘underpinning’ involves excavation of the foundations to allow for pouring of concrete. This process can be extremely costly and time consuming, with projects often taking weeks and months to complete.

At Resin Injection Technology we do use a modern approach to underpinning which does not involve any excavation of the site, instead our resin injection method is far more efficient and less costly. Without the need for excavation, the time taken to repair the foundations is a fraction of what it would be with traditional underpinning, and there is no need for customers to vacate the building as work is completed.

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