Foundation Subsidence

Subsidence occurs when the foundations of a building can no longer fully support its weight. Resin Injection Technology Resin Injection System provides a stronger alternative to traditional Underpinning for subsidence repair and can be completed in as little as one day.
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Foundation Subsidence

What is Foundation Subsidence?

Subsidence occurs when the foundations of a building can no longer fully support its weight. Subsidence of a property is a serious issues that should be corrected quickly to avoid potentially catastrophic damage to property.

Some of the most common signs of subsidence include:

• Dropped floors

• Cracked skirting boards

• Gaps in skirting boards

• Doors and windows are sticking or failing to open or close properly

• Cracks where extensions meet the main building indicating that the extension is pulling away from the main structure

Common Causes of Subsidence

Subsidence poses an enormous risk to homeowners. There are a variety of reasons as to why subsidence might occur, however the most common cause is water interfering with the soil beneath the foundations.

As well as water interference due to factors such as burst pipes, there are also several natural causes of subsidence including:

• Cohesive soil shrinking and swelling – Soils such as clay and silt are particularly susceptible to causing subsidence. Changes in weather cause the cohesive soils to shrink and swell leading problems within the foundations

• Non-cohesive soils being washed away – Soils such as sand and gravel are susceptible to being washed away by water flow

• Movement of soil structures – A combination of soil types underneath a buildings foundations can result in movement and subsidence

• Soil decomposition – Natural soils such as peat can decompose and cause ground movement

• Trees and other vegetation – Roots from nearby vegetation can absorb moisture from the soil, causing it to shrink. This is more common in dryer conditions where plants expand their roots in search of water

Foundation Subsidence

Man-made Causes of Subsidence

• Damaged drains – Water from damaged drains can saturate and even wash away the soil beneath foundations. This is common in sandy or gravelly soils

• Mine shafts – Open areas underneath the ground can lead to subsidence

• Nearby traffic – Vibration from traffic can cause soil movement

• Improper ground preparation – Inadequate preparation during the planning stages of construction can lead to a variety of problems including subsidence

• Construction work – Nearby construction work can cause vibrations leading to movement of the soil underneath buildings

Foundation Subsidence Repair

Resin Injection provides a stronger and far more effective alternative to traditional Underpinning. Resin injection with Resin Injection Technology can be completed in as little as one day, and our straightforward method of precision injection underneath the home will resolve the issue of subsidence permanently. As well as this, the use of resin injection will prevent any environmental impact to the soils beneath, creating a strong foundation, and eliminating future issues.

The team of experts at Resin Injection Technology are dedicated to providing a convenient, non-intrusive procedure when it comes to repairing house subsidence. The methods we use do not require any digging or excavation work, typically used when underpinning. Our process can be applied to all types of subsidence where the soil beneath has disturbed the foundations.

Our resin injection method involves the drilling of holes and injection of our resin solution into the affected area. This method is fast, quiet and far less disruptive than underpinning.

Resin injection solutions with Resin Injection Technology is ideal for the following issues:

• Sinking floors
• Subsiding walls
• Rotating extensions
• Conservatories
• Garages
• Bay Windows

Resin injection is a far more widely used alternative to underpinning, and major companies and local councils are now employing this method to solve the issue of subsidence.

If you have any concerns about subsidence affecting your home, Resin Injection Technology will provide a free survey of your home and work with you to provide the best possible solution.

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