Structural Support

We provides support solutions which increase the load bearing strength of underlying ground. Our method of resin injection ground support solution is a powerful and effective way of providing long term structural support.
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Structural support

Structural Support Solutions

We provides structural support by consolidating the underlying ground materials through a resin injection process. This method of structural support provides a significant increase in the load bearing strength, as well as providing reliable, long-term foundational support.

Our resin injection process does not require any excavation, therefore the site can operate as usual with no need to vacate. Instead, our team of experts use precise surveying technology, as well as precision drilling, to create small holes in the ground slabs. These holes are then filled with our expanding resin compound. Resin injection can be used on a variety of foundation types including; strips, pads and rafts. Holes can be drilled up to 9m and can be used to restore failed ground improvement systems.

Resin Injection Void Filling

Pile Foundations

When a building is constructed on soft or weakened soil, pile foundations are used to provide support and to provide stability to the structure. Piles are long pillars that extend into the ground, penetrating the weaker soils and reaching the harder layers of rock or soil beneath. Piles can be found more frequently on high rise buildings where structural weight is concentrated into one area. Pile foundations are able to support heavier weights than other foundation types including spread footing foundations.

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