Subsidence Repair For Warehouses & Factories

Resin Injection Technology specialise in providing a fast and efficient solution to ground re-levelling and subsidence repair. Using our non-invasive method, we are able to lift and re-level the floor without any impact on day-to-day operations.
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Foundation repair for warehouses and factories

Subsidence Repair for Warehouses and Factories

The most common signs of subsidence in warehouses and manufacturing complexes are un-level concrete floors, driveways and hardstand areas. Subsidence occurs when the original foundations of a building are no longer suitable for the ground that it has been built on.

It is important that work is done quickly to minimise the impact of subsidence on warehouses and manufacturing complexes, as the damages and shut down time on-site can have huge financial implications.

Signs of Subsidence

Sinking floors or uneven concrete slabs are the most common sign of factory or warehouse subsidence. Sloping floors are easy to spot as they will look unbalanced and tilted.

Cracked walls are a common sign of subsidence. These cracks will usually appear in the walls or on the floors of the building and in most cases they form diagonally. Cracks may appear inside, showing across plaster work, or they may form outside the building in brickwork. Sinking floors are easier to spot and are also a sign of subsidence. Look out for uneven floors or the formation of gaps across the skirting.

Some other common signs of subsidence include:

• Structural damage

• Gaps between doors and windows

• The structure of the building starts to lean

• Water damage from faulty drains

• Water in the sink flows in the opposite direction

Fast action is imperative if subsidence is suspected, as the faster that work can be carried out, the less likely it is to incur significant costs and damage later on.

Subsidence Repair Warehouses and Factories

Impact Of Subsidence On The Workforce

Sloping floors have a hugely negative impact on the ability for forklifts and other stacking devices. This can often result in a shut down of operations and disruption to other services.

Sinking warehouse floors also pose a risk to the health and safety of the workforce, therefore it is important that action is taken to repair this quickly.

Insurance companies will usually cover for subsidence and damage such as sinking floors, however it is the responsibility of the owner of the property to check specific terms and conditions of individual policies, as the costs of insurance claims for subsidence may be high.

How Can We Help?

Resin Injection Technology specialise in re-levelling and subsidence repair. Using our non-invasive solution, we can repair warehouse and manufacturing complexes with little to no disruption.

Our resin injection method does not require any excavation, therefore the property and its occupants can operate as usual with no need to vacate. Our use of resin injection replaces the need for costly and disruptive excavation. Instead, our team of experts use precise surveying technology, as well as precision drilling, to create small holes in the ground slabs. These holes are then filled with our expanding resin compound, and the building is lifted back to its original place. Any gaps and cracks in the walls that have been caused by subsidence will close and the building will return to its original, safe level.

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