Buying / Selling Property with Structural Damage

Selling a property that has subsidence issues can have a huge negative impact on the value. In most instances, properties sold with subsidence issues are purchased at a lower price by cash buyers. This is because typically, buyers and first time buyers are unlikely to want to take on the burden of repairs to the foundations of their new home.
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Buying and selling homes with subsidence

Buying and selling property with subsidence

Repairing the home prior to selling is the optimal solution for acquiring the full market value of the property. This will also increase the amount of potential buyers, as well as the likelihood that they will be granted a mortgage on the property.

When purchasing a property with subsidence issues, it is important to get a clear understanding of the scale of the problem, and then make a decision on whether it is financially viable to go ahead with the purchase.

If you are considering purchasing a property with subsidence problems, buyers can make use of the fact that Resin Injection Technology offers a quick and efficient solution to the problem, saving a huge amount of time and money.

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Buying and Selling a property that has previously had subsidence or structural issues

When selling selling a property that has been stabilised due to structural movement, there is a legal requirement to declare that work has been carried out.

This requirement related to the use of underpinning. Resin injection does not fall into this category and is not subject to the same laws. This in turn, makes the use of resin injection a far superior method of ground stabilisations due to the lack of legal requirements surrounding declarations and surveys when the time comes to sell.

As of 2021 however, a new law has come in to place, which states that the seller of the property has the option to declare to the buyer any work that has been carried out on the property that they may need to know. In this instance, it is the prerogative of the seller to decide if any previous work on subsidence should be shared.

When sharing information about work done to resolve subsidence, it is imperative that the customer contacts Resin Injection Technology to obtain a Certificate of Structural Adequacy and guarantee. This document is issued by a Chartered Engineer and it validates the work done on the property.

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