One Day Subsidence Repairs Cheltenham

We provide a permanent subsidence solution in Cheltenham in just one day with our resin injection technology. Resin injection is a modern, faster and more efficient alternative to traditional underpinning in Cheltenham. Our Resin Injection system provides subsidence repair with an excavation free method of foundation movement and soil repair solution.
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Foundation Repair Cheltenham

One Day Emergency Subsidence Repair In Cheltenham

In instances where immediate subsidence repair in Cheltenham is required, Resin Injection Technology are on hand to help. It is often the case that emergency work is needed when there has been structural damage has caused a subsidence issue. At RIT, we resolve subsidence issues in one day with resin injection technology and provide you with a 25 Year guarantee for piece of mind.

About Our One Day Resin Injection Subsidence Repairs In Cheltenham

Our injection system is suitable for all domestic, commercial, industrial, and public buildings in Cheltenham. We use state of the art level monitoring equipment to monitor the injection process to repair the damaged soil. We specialise in subsidence and structural repairs for domestic properties and commercial buildings with A combined experience of over 150 years in subsidence repair in Cheltenham and across the UK.

How One Day Resin Injection Works

We set up state of art level monitoring equipment in drains while works are taking place. We locate all other incoming below ground services. We drill a series of holes in predesignated and designed locations and mechanically ram lances into place down to required depths. We then inject the resin in our highly controlled method, repairing, strengthening and compressing the soil below the foundations and lifting if required the structure above.

One Day Subsidence Repair Cheltenham

More Benefits Of Resin Injection In Cheltenham

We offer a fixed price contract. No negative affect to your home insurance or any future insurance policy. No negative affect when it comes to refinancing or selling the property. Cost effective. Speed – the fastest way to resolve your problem usually within 1 day. Efficiency – targeted to the specific problem area. Minimal disruption – no excavation and you can stay in the property during the process, quick set up and completion. Non invasive once completed no evidence of works having taken place. Guarantee for peace of mind – 25 year guarantee and certificate of structural adequacy included in our price. Annual inspections and reissue of COSA certificate for extra peace of mind for the first 5 years guarantee and Certificate of Structural Adequacy included in our price. Minimal environmental impact – small plant and environmental neutral products

How Resin Injection Works For You

Site Visit - Our process starts with one of RIT’s experts visiting site to undertake a site survey in Cheltenham to determine where the injection process is to take place, how deep into the soil we need to inject and if there is clear access to undertake the work.

Once the survey has been completed we send out a detailed work order and insertion plan to be agreed with the client and we book your in the works in a agreeable date.

Onsite Process - A series of small holes are drilled through the ground/slab or soil to facilitate the injection of the ground stabilising resin. We then inject the resin to the desired depth directly below the foundations. The resin then stabilises the ground and in some cases raising to the required height but not in all cases.

Our ground stabilising solution is durable and effective, resulting in ground improvement that will last. We reinstate where the work has taken place and complete the whole process for you giving you peace of mind. Completion Pack - The work undertaken is covered by a 25 year guarantee and we issue you with a certificate of structural adequacy.

And annual 12 month re-inspection and reissue of COSA certificate. Structural Repairs - Cracks and movement can happen in buildings and can progress for a variety of different reasons.

It is vital to diagnose the origin cause of the cracking in order to be able to recommend the accurate crack repair system. Most cracks can be diagnosed by the crack pattern and the position on the crack on the wall or structure.

At Resin Injection Technology we have our own in house design and investigation team who can offer early investigation and reports we can also offer a full repair scheme using the latest methods and equipment.

One Day Subsidence Repair Cheltenham

Investigating, Diagnosing, Repairing & Monitoring

Resin Injection Technology specialise in investigating, diagnosing, repairing and the monitoring of cracks in Cheltenham. Common causes of cracking on modern and period properties in Cheltenham are:

Lintel Failure - typically caused by the removal of windows and doors on dated properties. Thermal Cracking - insufficient provision of movement joints is conceivably the most common reason of cracking in cavity wall construction. Wall Tie Failure - corroding wall ties or insufficient quantity of ties can lead to cracking and in the most severe of cases make the structure or wall collapse. Lateral Restraint - inadequate tie-ing of the walls to the floor and roof joists causes cracking and bowing interior and externally, mostly on dated properties.

RIT can offer you an a free initial consultation to find out the origin cause of the crack repairs to your property, then we can offer you with the most economical contemporary repair systems, with the slightest disturbance to all involved.

Resin Injection Technology operatives are extremely skilled and qualified in dealing with all kinds of current day repair systems for crack repairs. This may mean fitting masonry reinforcement (Helical Bars), resin injection system.

One Day Subsidence Repair Cheltenham

Resin Injection In Cheltenham - Non Disruptive Technology

By using resin injection in Cheltenham with RIT , customers can benefit from a far superior alternative to traditional methods of underpinning in Cheltenham, without the need to vacate their homes.

When subsidence has occurred, it is important that work is carried out quickly. Traditional solutions to subsidence such as underpinning in Cheltenham are expensive and highly disruptive.

Excavation and concrete pouring is labour intensive and usually means that homeowners need to vacate their homes. The benefits of using RIT Resin Injection System for ground improvement and subsidence repair in Cheltenham are vast.

We pride ourselves on delivering a service which makes older methods of ground work completely redundant. Some of the benefits of using resin injection with RIT include:

By filling gaps beneath the soil with expanding resin materials, soil in weaker areas becomes compacted. This is done without the need for excavation, and can be completed in a fraction of the time it would take to complete a traditional underpinning solution.

Non-disruptive method solution that does not require excavation or digging. A much faster ground solution method, jobs that once would takes weeks or months can be completed in a matter of days. An adaptable solution that can be used for all types of building and foundations, regardless of size. No need for hydraulic pressure, instead, the use of controlled resin injection. This dramatically reduces the likelihood of further damage to foundations. An environmentally friendly solution which does not require any excavation.

What Is Subsidence?

Subsidence occurs when the foundations of a building can no longer fully support its weight. Subsidence of a property is a serious issues that should be corrected quickly to avoid potentially catastrophic damage to property.

Some of the most common signs of subsidence include:

Dropped floors. Cracked skirting boards. Gaps in skirting boards. Doors and windows are sticking or failing to open or close properly.

Cracks where extensions meet the main building indicating that the extension is pulling away from the main structure.

One Day Subsidence Repair Cheltenham

Common Causes Of Subsidence In Cheltenham

As well as water interference due to factors such as burst pipes, there are also several natural causes of subsidence issues in Cheltenham, including:

Cohesive soil shrinking and swelling – Soils such as clay and silt are particularly susceptible to causing subsidence. Changes in weather cause the cohesive soils to shrink and swell leading problems within the foundations. Non-cohesive soils being washed away – Soils such as sand and gravel are susceptible to being washed away by water flow. Movement of soil structures – A combination of soil types underneath a buildings foundations can result in movement and subsidence. Soil decomposition – Natural soils such as peat can decompose and cause ground movement. Trees and other vegetation – Roots from nearby vegetation can absorb moisture from the soil, causing it to shrink. This is more common in dryer conditions where plants expand their roots in search of water.

Man-made Causes Of Subsidence In Cheltenham

Damaged drains – Water from damaged drains can saturate and even wash away the soil beneath foundations. This is common in sandy or gravelly soils. Mine shafts – Open areas underneath the ground can lead to subsidence. Nearby traffic – Vibration from traffic can cause soil movement. Improper ground preparation – Inadequate preparation during the planning stages of construction can lead to a variety of problems including subsidence. Construction work – Nearby construction work can cause vibrations leading to movement of the soil underneath buildings.

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