Foundation Repair London

Many buildings in London may require foundation repair and structural restoration due to their age. Resin injection provides the safest and most effective method of ground improvement for ageing and historic buildings in London. There is no need for heavy machinery or digging, this means that there is no risk of damage from vibrations when dealing with the older buildings.
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Foundation Repair London

Foundation and Ground Repair in London

Ground Improvement London

We provides efficient and effective solutions for foundational support in London. Resin Injection Technology avoids the need for excavation by using a ground injection method which improves the strength of the ground beneath foundations. We do this by injecting materials underneath the current foundations, adding essential ground strength that can withstand additional loads up to 350kn/m3. For business and property owners in London, speed and cost efficiency are very important when it comes to ground improvement. Older methods of ground improvement often involve excavation and heavy machinery, this is unsuitable for properties in London due to several reasons. The busy areas of London often make excavation very impractical and often expensive. Resin Injection Technology use a modern resin injection method of ground improvement that does not require excavation. This method is ideal for London-based customers that do not want the hassle of heavy machinery on their premises.

Domestic and commercial property owners in London will also benefit from the fact that there is no need to vacate the building whilst the ground improvement is taking place. Unlike older methods of ground improvement, resin injection is non-invasive. The convenience of resin injection ground improvement is cannot be matched. Business owners will not suffer from loss of revenue due to site closures during the ground improvement process. Homeowners in London can benefit from not needing to vacate their homes whilst work is ongoing, furthermore, the added security of improved foundations greatly reduce the risk of structural issues further down the line.

Why is Ground Improvement Important?

Resin Injection Technology caters to a variety of project types including commercial and private buildings, commercial warehouses and more. At Resin Injection Technology , our resin injection process provides invaluable support to projects that need additional ground support due to increased pressure. Our team of experts focus on providing clients with a far more efficient method of ground improvement.

Ground improvements are key to avoiding future problems with foundations. Common problems that arise due to this are:

• Building settlement
• Swelling
• Voids

The problems listed above can have catastrophic implications if not corrected early by proper ground improvement. Early detection and proper planning can save the need for issues such as; structural damage, subsidence or settlement, all of which can be extremely costly to correct. This is why having a strong structural base is key for any load bearing surface.

Foundation Repair London

The Solution: A Resin Injection Process

The process used at Resin Injection Technology involves injecting the bearing capacity of the foundation soils with expanding resins. This is done at a considerable depth which compacts the soil and allows for densification directly under the building. In turn, this methods avoids the need for a costly excavation.

The savings provided by the use of our Resin Injection are substantial. As well as this we also provide a much faster alternative to piling and underpinning. The scale of the job becomes greatly reduced when customers use Resin Injection with Resin Injection Technology. This allows for customers to benefit from the fact that normal work can continue on site due to the method of application we use. This method includes the injection of expanding resins into the foundation soils, and is a far more cost efficient, and disruptive method of ground improvement. Resin Injection Technology ’s focus on using non-disruptive solutions for ground improvement means that clients in London can save a significant amount in costs when compared to older methods of ground improvement.

How it works

Before any ground improvement work is provided by Resin Injection Technology , we carry out a thorough survey of the soil beneath. Our surveying process includes:

• Depth measurements prior to injection
• Analysis of soil composition for obstacles

Once the soil conditions have been surveyed, it is time for the resin injection. We start by drilling small holes through the slab or soil and injecting the resin below the foundations. The resin will then bind with soil beneath and the foundations will rise to the required level.

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